Eden Cacao

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The Eden Cacao project is collaboratively developed and jointly owned and managed by alfa8 and HDG. The project leadership consists of Mr. Iliad Terra, Ms. Irene Clerge, and Ms. Myra Chung. All three founders bring strong visionary leadership and expertise to the project with a singular mission focus, to empower local Haitian farming communities and develop worldwide market access based on a business model that is fundamentally sound and morally just.

Our Mission

“Our core commitment to social justice and equity for all people, and their communities compels us to address the struggle of the Haitian people. Together, we will leverage innovative leadership and advanced technological resources to make a difference and work toward building a better today and tomorrow for Haiti.”


Iliad Terra


As the founding partner of alfa8, Mr. Terra leads the firm to develop opportunities in global markets, focused on integrated and innovative solutions that build capacity and empower communities. He brings a diverse background to the firm through his experience as a design thinker, and though leader through his global network. 

Irene Clerge

Haiti Development Group

Ms. Irene Clerge is the President of the Haiti Development Group, in charge of leading the operations of the on the ground team in Haiti. She bring extensive experience in leadership, supply chain management, business and data management skills. She is passionate about her country, Haiti, and has an extensive network throughout the region.

Our Team

Hansgard Leny

Mr. Leny is an experienced police officer, investigative detective, working with the Direction Central of the Investigation’s Police. He is also a lawyer in the Croix-des-Bouquets jurisdiction and gives consultations in Public Security at NATCOM.

Beaudelair Stocklin

Civil Engineer with an expertise on civil engineering and the study topology. He has done extensive work as a draftsman engineer using AutoCad to create civil 3D drawings of roads, rivers, plains, and topography.

Erius Monpremier

Lawyer with specialty in immigration and labor law. Exceptional analytical, negotiating and judgment skills. Strong communication and language skills.

Cherilus Mombrun

Lawyer with specialty in immigration and labor law. Exceptional analytical, negotiating and judgment skills. Strong communication and language skills.

Odilon LaFrance

Brings a broad range of experience working for PDG de Medical Center, COVNO, ANASA, FLED, USAID, Agro Action ALlemande, Peace Corp, MARNDN, and INTERVET. 

Pastor Marco Zidor

Pastor Marco is someone whose profession is the service of worship (preaching and
sacraments), teaching as well as the direction and accompaniment of a community in a given

Our Technology

A critical aspect of developing the projects such that operation is sustainable, and scales effectively is through intelligent use of decentralized finance, modern FinTech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. This will wrestle control back into the hands of the Haitian people to determine their health and wellbeing requirements, and it will empower our Farmer communities to achieve liquidity and market access in ways not achievable heretofore. The days of crippling financial debt exacted on the Haitian people must end with a reset in a bottom-up value system.

Our Vision

Eden will be an outbound project, whereby we will develop the Cacao industry in Haiti, working closely with local farmers, and then export the products to US and international markets. One of the differentiator and competitive advantages we will bring to Eden Cacao is our portfolio of smart ag technologies which alfa8 has curated from leading centers of innovation throughout the world.

Together we will access our resources to develop the funding required for both these noble and ambitious projects. During the first Quarter of 2022, we intend to engage international and regional institutional funds and other organizations and foundations within our network for investment and capital assistance.

In addition to capital partners, we will bring tougher strong team of SMEs and research and policy partners to assist the developing programs that are among the best practices in the world. We are committed to availing Haiti of the leading-edge technology and expertise that is currently accessed by more developed nations and communities.

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